Terms and Conditions of Use


The payment method is currently available via PayPal as it offers great security when making payment transactions for both the seller and the customer.The transaction is instant and has no management fees. (Credit card, paypal account, bank transfer)..

Registered User:

It is essential to process and ship the order, that all data provided by the customer are correct, if there are any errors or missing data, the order will not be sent until they are confirmed by the customer, by email. The lack of response from the customer, confirming the requested information will result in the cancellation of the order.

Changing Order:

The customer can add or modify the order, provided that it has not been processed.

Product Type:

Downloadable product: a digital product that the user can download from the website once payment has been confirmed.


There are no shipping charge since the products we offer are digital and downloadable when performing purchase.


We do not admit refunds, because cross-stitch patters are a downloadable digital products.